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A Complete Guide To Creating A Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic

If you want to turn your Instagram page visitors into followers, all you need is aesthetics. A Study shows that an Instagram page with a better cohesive aesthetic attracts more users. You don’t need to become a professional photographer or picture editor. Instead, a vibe is all you need to lift it. If you are wondering How to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, you can follow the steps mentioned below with thorough details. But let us first understand what you mean by Instagram aesthetics.

What is Instagram Aesthetic?

When it comes to aesthetic Instagram posts, in addition to visuals, you need to think about the color palette, vibe, and mood the picture conveys. Ideally, a homely post with a warm mood is generally an aesthetic one. Aesthetic, in layman’s terms, means beautiful, eye-catching, and soul-soothing. 

The most important thing you need to take care of while doing so is colors. An eye-catching yet neutral color scheme is what attracts the users. It also includes the caption you are writing, font, music, emojis, and spacing. Another key feature of an aesthetic Instagram post is consistency. If you want to create an aesthetic trend, you need to bring consistency to your posts. 

How To Create Cohesive Instagram Aesthetics?

When you are trying to create an Instagram feed, it is not about just one photo but needs a cohesive page instead. We have come up with tips that will be helpful when you want to create an all-round aesthetic profile.

1. Know Your Brand And Work On It

The most important question while creating an Instagram profile is the forte that you wish to build. Understand your audience and create your feed. Before moving forward, try answering these questions.

  • Target audience – Before creating a portfolio, try to understand the audience you can connect to easily. It will vary based on age group, gender, generation, and many other factors. 
  • Goal– Another crucial factor to consider before putting effort into creating content includes your goal. Do you want to work on marketing, educative videos, or create blogs? Then accordingly, you will need to choose an aesthetic theme to achieve your goal.
  • Vibe – Lastly, you can work on the vibe you want to create. Look out for other aesthetic Instagram pages to get inspiration and create an environment per your imagination. You will then be good to go.

2. Decide A Brand Color

The color of the background and its contrast with the content is what catches the attention of your followers. Depending on your brand, you should set up a brand color that will work as an identity for your Instagram profile. For example, if your target audience is kids, cute colors such as baby pink or warm blue can you theme. But if you are a nature lover, shades of green and brown are what you can use.

A theme sets an imprint on the target audience, leaving a psychological impact on users. If you are into marketing, selecting a color contrasting with the product can elevate the look and feel of your feed.

3. Choose Photo Style

The two key factors when you are creating a picture include color and editing. A contrasting theme with your content can uplift your Instagram grid. You can experiment with multiple warm and cold shades of colors to find the most attractive combination. 

Although you don’t need to become a pro picture editor when it comes to Instagram content, you might need to apply some basic editing to your content to make it pop. Work on the contrast, brightness, and color of your photo or reel to make it consistent with your brand.

4. Create a Moodboard

You can also use some aesthetic pictures that match the theme of your page and fit them somewhere on your grid to refine it. Create a mood such that it resonates with your vision. Play with colors, objects, and photos to make your profile more vibrant.

5. Work On The Instagram Grid

Once you have all the prerequisites, including theme, brand color, vision, and content, the next step is to fit it into the Instagram grid to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic. Not all your images will have the same color or background. The art is to make such contrasting content fit together like puzzle pieces to give a soothing, calming effect to viewers.

6. Aesthetics With Profile, Stories, And Icon

When you are done setting up an aesthetic grid, you will also need to put the last effort into making your profile more attractive by enhancing its icon, bio, and stories. 

The icon is the first thing visible when someone opens your Instagram page. An Aesthetic icon intrigues the viewer to go and look more at the feed. You can add an icon that will represent the vision of your Instagram page in a single image.

The next thing you need to update is a catchy bio. Try to put your vision into beautiful words. Add details like your website link, personal account, and other details that reflect your Instagram journey. But make sure to keep it crisp and precise.

Captions are another factor when you are trying to create an impact through an aesthetic Instagram page. Words, fonts, thoughts, emojis, and font colors are some things you can consider while writing captions. Making it sleek, crisp yet relatable and engaging will intrigue your followers.

Lastly, adding daily stories to your account and adding them to a theme-based highlight will also help you gain the confidence of the viewers. You can share your thoughts and little details of your days to engage your followers.

Wind Up

When you are on your way to becoming an Instagram influencer, a cohesive aesthetic is all you need. Your page should be more than a collection of content. If you have aesthetic pictures but don’t know how to arrange them on your feed, it will not catch sight of your viewers. From consistency to warmth, relatability to beauty, you can use the above tips if you want to know How to create cohesive Instagram aesthetics.

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