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Why WhatsApp Business for Small Businesses is a Game-Changer: Step-by-Step Guide!

With the launch of WhatsApp communities, more and more businesses are trying to build their consumer base using WhatsApp. This form of marketing, where businesses are trying to sell their products online via WhatsApp or any other social media, is known as Conversation Marketing. 

Small and big traders are now trying to establish their business online, partly because of the government restriction on trading and to get online sales with the GenZ internet generation. Consumers are also getting more options on WhatsApp business groups, thus a win-win situation for producers and consumers. 

The reason traders are more inclined to set up a WhatsApp business is because of the business-specific features it provides. In this article, you will learn How to use WhatsApp Business for small businesses. But before moving ahead, let’s first understand the advantages of using WhatsApp business App.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Business?

  • Better customer Experience – Along with marketing, traders also provide customer support to users over WhatsApp Group Chat or communities, thus enhancing customer experience. Consumers are also getting a variety of options online without going out in the hustle and bustle of markets.
  • Expand reach– With more than 2 billion consumers using WhatsApp across the globe, businesses can create a strong customer base on WhatsApp. They can easily share new products with a large number of users efficiently.
  • Increase profits – By establishing a business online via WhatsApp, traders can cut the cost of renting shops, man labor, and many more expenses, thus increasing profitability.

Steps To Use WhatsApp Business For Small Businesses

You can set up WhatsApp Businesses using a few simple steps, as listed below. Please note that the steps to set up this account are the same on Android and iOS devices. 

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app via any app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).
  2. Launch the application, click Agree and Continue.
  3. Add your country code and mobile number to register yourself on WhatsApp Business.
  4. Tap OK, enter a 6-digit OTP, and click Next.
  5. Next, it will ask for photo and media access to your device data. Accept or Decline requests as per your need.
  6. If you already have a WhatsApp Business account on this device, you will get an option to restore data from the device or drive backup.
  7. The next step is to build your profile by providing information like Business name, profile icon, description, and category.
  8. You are now done setting up a Business account on WhatsApp.

Once done, you can create groups and communities on WhatsApp and add your contacts to groups. You can also avail a wide variety of features available on WhatsApp business. 

Features of WhatsApp Business

After setting up your account, the next step is to connect with people to increase your reach and share details of your business to add new customers to your group. We have listed a few useful features you can use on WhatsApp Business to make it grow.

1. Quick Replies

Are you getting the same queries from multiple users? For example, user can ask when a product is coming in stock or the delivery timeline of their item. Instead of manually responding to each query, you can use the Quick Reply option on WhatsApp Business. 

With this feature, you can provide answers to frequently asked questions, and the next time a user asks any repetitive question, with a simple keyboard shortcut, you can respond to them.

You have an option to create 50 FAQs per business. However, our advice is to start with 5-10 simple queries and add more in time if needed. You will also need to remember shortcuts to different questions, which can become a bit tricky and confusing at times.

2. Turn On Away messages

Even if you are connected with your consumer, you are not expected to give a 24/7 commitment. You can set up automatic message replies for the times you are not available. This way, you can restrict your working hours and set positive expectations with clients. You can avail of this functionality outside of business hours, on holidays, and when you are getting a heavy flow of messages. 

If you are using away message functionality, make sure you are including your next availability in the message and try to make the message as crisp as you can.

3. Create Labels For Chat organization

If you are getting queries, issues, and orders at the same time, it might become confusing to handle them all simultaneously. However, you can try and label them in different categories and strategically deal with them. Colorful labels will also help you prioritize the tasks from high-intensity to low. It will also help improve your turnaround time.

4. Create A Catalog To Classify Products

If you want to streamline all your products for consumers, our recommendation is to create multiple catalogs and add products to those catalogs. You should also add additional details such as name, price, link to purchase, and other details of the product to make it unique among all listings. It will also provide more clarity to users, and they can easily find the product they are looking for.

5. Catalog Link

Only creating a catalog won’t solve the purpose. You will also need to share its link in all your WhatsApp groups so that users can access them easily. They can also find a list of alternative items in the catalog in case the product they are looking for is out of stock.

6. Add Cart Options To WhatsApp business

However, you have the option to redirect users to your external business link. You can also create checkout options on WhatsApp Business to improve user experience. By simply enabling Add to Cart options via settings, customers can checkout directly via WhatsApp.

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Wind Up

With more and more individuals becoming digital every day, conversational marketing will stay in the business for the long run. Thus, bringing your product will help in increasing its reach amongst people across the globe. With the versatile features of WhatsApp business, you will find managing small Businesses on WhatsApp super-efficient. After knowing How to use WhatsApp Business for small businesses, we hope you will be able to start and grow a business online.

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