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12 Mind-blowing Instagram Reels Growth Tips for 2024: Explode Your Follower Count!

After TikTok, Instagram introduced short videos as reels to allow influencers to add them to their feed, which helps them to increase engagement and reach on the platform. Some people might wonder some mind-blowing Instagram Reels Growth Tips for 2024. 

The key is to use some simple tips and Instagram features. We have listed below some of them to increase reach and impression on your Instagram account.

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Difference Between Instagram Reach & Impressions?

Most people use reach and impression interchangeably. In reality, reach is the unique headcount of users who view or react to your post. On the other hand, impression counts all the views on your feed. With advanced Instagram algorithms, you can track the reach of an individual post.

Basic Rules to Count Views on Instagram

If you want to know what counts as a view on Instagram, there are three rules as follows:

  1. Users must at least watch your reel for 3 seconds to count it as a view. Most people think that Instagram counts a view instantly. However, only when someone watches a reel for more than three seconds does it count as a view.
  2. Replay doesn’t increase views on Instagram. It only counts one view per account.
  3. Instagram doesn’t count views if you watch a reel with your account. 

Does Buying Views on Instagram Help?

You can also purchase views on Instagram. Generally, bots view this content, and the method is not reliable. Instagram can ban your account if you use these black hat techniques. If you are analyzing exposure on Instagram, you will not get a true picture if you buy views.   

Best Instagram Reels Growth Tips for 2024

  1. Create Organic & Valuable Content

Instagram reels work like magic spells in increasing your followers if your content is legit. Before creating anything, make sure you are doing research, understand the target audience, and provide new content to them. Reels also give a wide range of editing tools to make your content unique and something out of the box. If you are making relatable, funny, or educative content, people tend to share it with their Instagram followers.

You can also select a genre and work on it to build a connection with your viewers. A few Examples of fortes you can choose from include fashion, blogs, health, science, and technology. 

  1. Make the Best Out of the Three-second Rule

As Instagram counts views on a reel only when a user watches it for a minimum of three seconds, make sure you are making to first few seconds of your reel super engaging. The more views on your reel, the better will be its search ranking on Instagram. It will ultimately increase the exposure of your Instagram account.

  1. Use Instagram SEO

Instagram provides Search engine Optimization when searching and filtering. If you wonder what kind of content will lure your audience, find the keywords they most search on Instagram. You can add it to your captions to enhance the reach of your posts.

  1. Write Informative Captions & Hashtags

Instagram allows you to write a 2200-character caption and up to 30 hashtags. You can leverage this option to improve the exposure of your reels. Write an informative caption with relevant keywords and hashtags. And if a user searches them on Instagram, they will view your reels. Make sure you are not overdoing it though. 

  1. Share Reels on Your Instagram Stories

You can also share reels on your Instagram stories. And if users watch them, it will count as a separate view. It is a strategic way to increase the reach and exposure of your reels. Another option is to tag friends and other influencers on your story and ask them to share your reel again via their accounts. 

You can also share Instagram stories on cross-meta platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to increase the exposure of your content on multimedia platforms.

  1. Use Polls, Quizzes & Questionnaires in Reels

Another way to increase engagement via reels is to add polls in your caption. You can also ask questions or quizzes in reels and ask users to answer them in the comments section. You can also leverage them to take feedback and suggestions from the audience via polls to understand what they prefer.

  1. Organize Giveaways on Reels

Common ways influencers generally use to increase their followers include giveaways. You can ask them to tag their friends in the comment section or share your reel with their friends to win the contest.

  1. Include Text in Instagram Stories

You can also create text-based reels. Make sure you are minding fonts, colors, and sizes of texts such that they are easy to read. You can also add subtitles to your reels for deaf users. When users generally scroll reels in public, they prefer a text-based reel that they can view without sound effects.

  1. Use Trending Audios

Adding trending audio to your Instagram reel will increase its reach. Instagram generally shares multiple reels on the same trend with its users if they react to even one of them.

  1. Collaborate with Other Influencers

When creating reels, you can do a challenge or trend with other influencers. Both of you can then share them to your profile to add 2x visibility to the reel. 

  1. Experiment Reel Length

If you are making a long reel, you will get time for storytelling. Shorter reels generally capture the user’s attention. You can try posting reels with multiple timeframes and see the reactions of users. Depending on the content, you can play with the length of your reel.

  1. Analyze the Best Time to Post Reels

You can run some Instagram analysis to understand your follower base and their activity time on Instagram. Try to post a reel when most of your audience is active to increase the exposure and reach of your content.

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Wind Up

Instagram reels bring a tide of opportunity for new influencers to increase their exposure on the platform. Use the above 12 Mind-blowing Instagram Reels Growth Tips for 2024 to make the content more engaging. Share it with those who want to know these as helping someone is a new way to care!

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