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10 Proven Tips to Make Your Instagram Stories Go Viral: A Useful Beginner Friendly Guide!

Instagram, similar to its counterpart apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, provides an option to post stories on the platform. But do you know you can grow your account reach using Instagram stories? If you are eager to know 10 Proven Tips to Make Your Instagram Stories Go Viral, you have come to the right place. 

Instagram stories provide a wide range of features that you can use to connect with your audience and encourage them to follow you. It is possible to utilize them in various ways to make your content pop and increase engagement with other users. But let us first understand what Instagram stories are and how to upload them.

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Instagram Stories – A Quick Overview

Instagram stories are disappearing photos you can post on your stories that stay intact for 24 hours. You can tap on the profile icon at the top panel of your Instagram to view the stories of all your Instagram followers. 

It provides an option to post media, polls, stickers, and many more, ultimately increasing the engagement of your account. 

You can upload a story by tapping the plus icon at the top left of your screen or swiping right on the mobile app. 

10 Proven Tips to Make Your Instagram Stories Go Viral

  1. Add Photos and Reels to our Account Consistently

Instagram stories are the best way to provide a quick overview of your daily life to your followers. And since they stay only for 24 hours, you can add them regularly. If you post stories consistently, it will entertain your current followers and provide a glance at your profile to new users. 

If you have a public account on Instagram, your story will be visible to everyone across the platform. It will provide the first impression of your account to Instagram users. The new audience can judge your profile based on your story updates and connect with you.  

  1. Share Instagram Stories

It is possible to share an Instagram story with your friend. If you post something relatable, your followers can share it with their friends. And if they like your content, they can connect with your account. It is one of the most common ways to increase followers on Instagram. 

You can add aesthetic content or a funny meme to your story to pique your audience to share it with their connections. You can also add music, stickers, or other Instagram features to make your story more eye-catching.

  1. Share Your Story to Facebook Stories

Both Instagram and Facebook, being meta-apps, give the option to cross-share stories. And the target audience of both these platforms may vary, availing better reach to your story. If you are uploading a story on Instagram, you will get an option to share it on Facebook and vice versa.

  1. Share Instagram Story on WhatsApp

You can also share your Instagram story link on WhatsApp status, your contacts, and groups. It provides you an option to request your WhatsApp friends to go and see your stories, and if they like your content, they will start following you.

  1. Use Instagram Polls and Quizzes

You can add polls and quizzes on your Instagram stories for your users. You can ask questions and take suggestions or feedback from your audience and work on them to make your content more relatable. It also provides you an option to add polls to find take of your followers. For instance, you can add a poll with two ideas you are planning for your upcoming post and know their preference.

  1. Use Clickable Hashtags

A new feature of Instagram now provides you an option to create clickable hashtags. If someone clicks on these hashtags, they redirect them to your account. Influencers now add their profile hashtags to a story to increase their Instagram followers. 

The Instagram algorithm uses hashtags for sorting and filtering. If you add a hashtag to your story and someone searches that on their account, your story will show in their feed. Adding hashtags is a commonly used way to increase reach on Instagram.

  1. Tag Friends or Influencers on Instagram Stories

When posting a story, you can tag your friends or other Instagram influencers to your story. You can then ask them to reshare your post on their stories to increase your reach. You can also add a clickable hashtag to your profile in your story to make new users directly click it and land on your account. It is another popular way to grow an Instagram audience using stories.

  1. Use Story Highlights

Another latest feature of Instagram includes adding your stories to highlight. If you want to keep your story saved for an indefinite time on your profile, you can add it to one of your highlights. Instagram gives an option to create multiple highlights and add stories to them. You can also give a catchy title to these highlights to make them pop. Highlights are a great way to engage with your audience on Instagram.

  1. Share Personal Stories

People generally show interest in your personal life. Stories are the best way to provide little detail of your day to a large audience. Sharing behind-the-scenes content with users will make them engage more with you. And it will help you gain more followers. The audience also likes to hear your success story, the hardship you face in your journey, or the difficult situations you overcome. 

  1. Promote Your Stories

Instagram also gives an option to run story ads. With this, your story will appear in between the stories of your followers. You can add a picture or a 15-second video ad, and if interesting enough, it can increase the reach of your Instagram account. You can increase your brand awareness amongst mutual followers using this method.

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Wind Up

If you want to increase your Instagram followers, adding unique content to stories will help. You can use one or more of the above 10 Proven Tips to Make Your Instagram Stories Go Viral. With engaging stories, you can turn a potential follower into an actual one. 

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