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Apple WWDC 2024 Conference Keynote: Everything You Need to Know!

Are you waiting for the biggest conference of the year powered by Apple? Do you look forward to new updates and features in the iOS devices? Well, the wait is going to end soon. You can watch the Apple WWDC 2024 Keynote on June 10. This summer will bring new air and enhancement in one of the widely used Operating systems. If you wish to get a thorough detail about the conference, we will cover where, how, and what of it below.

When Does Apple WWDC 2024 Start?

The wait is now over, as Apple will be organizing its WWDC on the 10th of June this year. The event will be online and will start at 1 PM ET sharp on the decided date. If you are an iOS App developer, buckle up to implement and bring many new enhancements to your apps to make them more user-friendly and advanced. It will be a weeklong event, with the core event on June 10th.  The offline event will be hosted in Cupertino, California.

How to Watch Apple’s WWDC Keynote?

If you want to watch the most awaited conference of the year for iOS developers, you can access it through the Apple developer website and application. YouTube will also stream the live event. If you are not free at that time, you will be able to access it from either of the platforms later. 

What to Expect from the Keynote?

This year, Apple is also introducing video sessions where students and working professionals will have an opportunity to interact with Apple Engineers and designers. 

It will be a free forum for all the developers and cover new additions to the iOS, Mac OS, iPad OS, tvOS, visionOS, and watchOS. It will also provide an option to listen to Apple Experts and interact with them on new APIs, frameworks, or tools. 

There was also an option on Apple’s Developer site, through which some limited lucky developers could have attended the conference in person.

How to Watch KeyNote Online?

You can watch the conference from your Apple TV app, Mac, or iPad using the below steps:

  1. Launch the TV Application or either of your Apple devices.
  2. You can either find WWDC 2024 in the Watch Now category. Alternatively, you can type WWDC in the search bar to join a live event.
  3. Tap Play.

Alternatively, you can also search WWDC on YouTube to watch the event live on any of your devices. You can also watch the event via the Safari browser on your Apple devices. Lastly, you can also access the KeyNote via the Apple Developer app on an iOS device.

If you wish to watch it on a Windows PC or Android device, update your Chrome and Firefox to the latest version and search for WWDC’s official website. If you are using a PC, it is advisable to watch it on Windows 10 or above.

What is the Expected Agenda?

Although Apple has not yet officially announced the agenda of the conference, it is expected to focus on AI integration majorly. It should also cover the major OS, UI/UX, and software updates. Below are some of the features we expect the app to bring in:

  1. Apple is likely to announce the release of iOS 18, which will bring a lot of 
  2. Our very own friend Siri is likely to grow with this KeyNote. It is anticipated that Apple has worked on bringing Siri to the Large Language Model, which will make its answer simpler and more accurate. 
  3. It is also rumored that Apple Intelligence will integrate Messages, Voice Notes, Memos, and others with AI. We can also expect Apple’s image and video generator AI tool, where with a detailed prompt AI will result in expected pictures and animations. You can also expect an app for summaries and real-time notes.
  4. Apple is also working on a partnership with ChatGPT developer OpenAI. So, expect a lot of AI in this release. With this, you can expect a powerful OpenAI and iOS-powered chatbot or personal Assistant. 
  5. Another cool release includes a custom emoji generator on iOS devices. You must have observed this feature in Android, but you can now use the same in Apple devices as well.
  6. For its iMessage, Apple is most probably going to adopt Rich Communication Services. It will ultimately reduce restrictions on sending messages across iOS and Android. Users will be able to share long messages, videos, audio, and images across the two devices with end-to-end encryption. It will ultimately make Apple messaging more secure.
  7. If you want the placement of your app in a particular order, you will now be able to do so on an iOS device. In this Keynote, Apple is expected to announce a customizable home screen allowing users to leave space between two apps and change their placement anywhere on the screen as per their comfort. Apple is also likely to integrate home themes and provide an option to recolor icons. 
  8. Apple is also expected to launch a password manager on the device. You no longer need to remember all your passwords even when using iOS. Its password manager will keep track of them and keep reminding you from time to time.
  9. We also heard that the standard iOS calculator is getting updated. Additionally, expect the redesigning of multiple apps on the platform. You will also hear updates on Apple’s settings app. It will become more defined and organized in the coming releases.

Wind Up

If you are techy and want to know what more Apple is going to offer in the coming releases, stay tuned for the Apple WWDC KeyNote this June 2024. Majorly, speakers are going to talk about the revolution they are trying to bring the iOS devices. If you are the lucky one and going to attend the event live, you will be able to meet and listen to some of the senior developers of Apples. On top of that, the live interaction and question-answering session are going to make the event more lively.

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