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12 Methods to Boost Instagram Engagement Rate: Maximize Your Instagram Reach!

Are you trying to create an Instagram business account? Do you wish to know How to increase your Instagram engagement rate? Are you not getting likes and comments on your posts per your expectations?

If you wish to meet your business goals using Instagram, you will require some organic content to intrigue users. You can post as many posts as you want, but if you are not getting good engagement, all your efforts are going in water. In this article, we have come up with 12 Methods to Boost Instagram Engagement Rate. But let’s first understand what an Instagram engagement means.

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What is Instagram Engagement?

If you are posting some content on Instagram, it measures how many people are interacting with it. This includes people who comment, like, share, follow, mention, and DM you. It also includes people using hashtags, click-through, and many such metrics. 

If people are engaging with your Instagram post, it means they are finding it relatable and connecting to it. Engagement rate also tells if people are interacting with your posts or just scrolling them. The better the engagement, the better the ranking of your post in their search.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram?

  1. Reels are The Key

If you use the Instagram platform, you can very well see that reels are the way to make your content go viral. Influencers have seen a significant increase in their account engagement after switching from photos to reels. With this reel fever, there are better chances of getting more views, likes, and comments. It will also increase your reach by attracting them to your content.

  1. Use Reels Feature

Although you can use Instagram reels to increase your engagement, it is also necessary to increase watch time. You can use different types of reels to make it more engaging. Experiment with them as follows:

  • Transition reels – You can use quick-cut features to show real-time transitions from one scene to another. 
  • Timed text – Add a label or caption to particular scenes in your reel.
  • Trending audio – Compile any catchy video with trending audio to create this reel.
  • Voiceover – An explanatory reel to explain something or give a walkthrough to users.
  • Template – Use pre-defined Instagram templates to create reels.
  1. Instagram SEO Helps

If you want to increase engagement on your account, you can take advantage of Instagram search engine optimization. You can add keywords in the form of hashtags, comments, and captions. When someone searches that keyword, your content will be visible to them due to Instagram’s filtering and sorting algorithm.

  1. Understand Target Audience

You can use Instagram analytical tools to understand your audience. You can then decide the niche of your content depending on them. It will also help you decide when to post content and which keywords to use. This way, you will add your efforts in the right direction. You can also use polls and question sticker features of Instagram to get feedback from your followers.

  1. Post Daily

If you want to increase the reach of your Instagram account, consistency is the key. The new generation these days lacks patience. Thus, if you want to keep a connection with them, you should post regularly. Instagram stories are now an efficient way to give a glance of your regular life to your user. It helps them relate with you and thus increase engagement. 

  1. Build a Two-Way Connection with your Audience

No Instagram users can engage with their followers without building a two-way communication. Make sure you are responding to their comments on your posts and DMs. It will build trust amongst your audience. You can also create engaging stories, add a poll, ask a suggestion, or add a revealing picture to provide something out of the box with your content.

  1. Cross-Network Promotion

Instagram, being a meta-app, provides a cross-sharing of content with its other social networking platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Audience on these three platforms varies and will increase the reach of your content.

  1. Collaborate with Other Users

Influencers on Instagram are now collaborating with their fellows to increase the reach of their content. In this cross-collaboration, two or more influencers generally create content together online or in person. And both of them share it from their profile tagging each other. This way, each of their accounts becomes accessible to almost 2x users. 

  1. Create a Little Suspense 

If you are planning to share new content on your account, you can add a little trailer to your feed or stories to provide a quick sneak peek to your followers. It will pique their curiosity, and they will feel special. You can also give a little hint and share a question sticker on your story to let them guess what your next post will be about.

  1. Write Engaging Captions

Captions are another way in which you can increase the reach of your content. If you add polls or questions to hashtags, people will connect better. You can also request them to double-tap and like your content or ask a question in the caption. Some users are also providing a hint in their content and sharing an emotional story of their life journey or adding a recipe in the caption to give a bit extra detail to users.

  1. Host Giveaways

If you are marketing via your Instagram content, you can host giveaways. You can give specific tasks to users, like tagging friends in comments or following your account and rewarding them with gifts.

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags

The Instagram algorithm works on sorting and filtering hashtags. You can add up to 30 hashtags per post. If you are using the correct set of hashtags, you can increase reach among Instagram users. 

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Wind Up

If you have a great engagement rate on Instagram, your content will have a better ranking in its search results. It will ultimately increase your reach, improve audience footfall, and make your account credible. We hope with the above 12 Methods to Boost Instagram Engagement Rate, you will now head in the right direction in your journey to become an Influencer.

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