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E2PDF – Perfect App to Take Backup of Call or SMS Stats

Sometimes, you can lose a call log or SMS on your mobile device. In such cases, it is tough to get them back, even from your network operator. However, if you want to keep a backup of your call logs or SMSs, you can use the E2PDF app. 

This app is a perfect solution for taking online backups of your documents and mobile Statistics such as call logs or SMS. Thus, the next time you lose your crucial SMS, you can recover the data with a simple login.

Usefulness of E2PDF?

In the fast-growing world, it is not possible to keep all your information stored on hard drives. Secure cloud storage is a way better option to store crucial data instead. 

If you want to keep track of your SMS or call logs, you can use this application. It takes a backup of these statistics from your mobile device and stores them in PDF format. Thus, even if you are worried about storage space on your mobile, you can delete them from your device download the SMS, and recover them later via E2PDF.

Along with taking backups, you can also search identity of an unknown caller on this app. The best part is that like, True Caller, it also provides free services to the users. You might get an ad on searching for a caller, but it is free of cost.

Features of E2PDF

It is a multi-utility app that provides a lot of features to the users, as listed below:

  • Easy Backups of call and SMS logs – It is pretty easy to start a quick call and SMS backups on the app.
  • Identify Unknown Callers and SMS Senders – This app also helps to identify unknown numbers, and that too free of cost.
  • Daily detailed call and SMS log reports – You can avail PDF copy of your Call and SMS logs daily.
  • Customizable contact details – From renaming a contact to updating a backup contact number, it is an all-rounder.
  • Quick and easy to read PDF copy – Easy to generate compatible PDF copies with all the PDF readers.

Why E2PDF?

With some simple settings, you can start the automatic backup of your call and SMS logs on the app. You can easily get a PDF copy of the statistics later from their cloud storage.

Not just this, you can also activity a daily report where the app will share statistics with you over email daily. It records all the received, missed, dialed, and blocked calls. You can also get details like the duration and time of the call via the app. It also tracks the number of received and sent SMSs, their content, and the time of receipt.  

You can also update the contact number, email address, or even name of a contact via E2PDF. The app generates a PDF copy of all the calls and SMS logged during a specific time frame. The PDF copy is compatible with all the readers like Adobe or Nitro.

How E2PDf Work?

You can download E2PDF works via any App Store on your mobile devices and sign in with your Email ID. Then with some simple settings and permissions, you can start the automatic cloud back of your calls and SMSs via the application. You can also use the app to download the PDF copy of the call or SMS log.

If you want a quick solution to take backup of your calls and SMSs, my advice is to hurry and download the E2PDF app. Trust me, all of the users have a positive comment on the application.

Wind Up

If you are looking for a free solution to take a backup of the most important yet ignored call and message logs, E2PDF is the app you want. No doubt, you will need to manage one more application on your mobile, but with the user-friendliness of the app, you can make your important logs secure.

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